Resources for the CIPP/E

Certified Information Professional Privacy Exam (Europe)

Who is this for? 

CIPP/E Preparation is my signature course which is designed for people who learn best through a mixture of listening, reading and practicing questions.

It is also designed for those who do not (yet) have a ton of GDPR knowledge and experience, and require a complete overview of the CIPP/E material.

This course is a full preparatory course including lectures with short practice questions, revision notes and a full length mock exam.

Don't need a full prep course?

You might already be an experienced data privacy expert, or already deep into CIPP/E revision, but still looking for additional resources to aid your studies. If you don't currently need a full prep course, you can purchase the mock exam or revision notes separately below.

NB: the mock exam and revision notes set out below are the exact same as in the signature course above. 

Can't find the course you're looking for? Let me know and I will do my best to upload what you need.

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