How long does it take to study for the SQE2? 

how long does it take to study for the sqe2

One of the most asked questions I get from soon to be SQE2 takers: how long does it realistically take to study for the SQE2?  And truth be told, there is not a simple answer and it depends on your personal circumstances.  I know people who wizzed through the material and revised for 2-4 weeks…

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How to pass the CIPM exams? 

how to pass the cipm exams

If you have already done the CIPP/E or other CIPP certification, then you will have a good understanding of the exam structure and how to approach it. If you have never attempted an IAPP certification before, you may be wondering how to pass the CIPM exams. The CIPM is something you will need to study…

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How to study for the SQE2? 

Congrats, you have survived the horrors of SQE1 and are now looking to what’s next: the SQE2. You may be thinking that preparation for the SQE2 will be less intense and just focused on legal skills. Not quite, unfortunately. The SQE2 is marked 50% on law and 50% on skills, therefore, unfortunately, you cannot completely…

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SQE1 Tips

sqe1 tips

If you are planning on sitting the SQE1 this January, you might be wondering what to focus on in the next few weeks and during the exam itself. Just by way of disclaimer, I did not sit the SQE1, however, I did sit and pass the QLTS MCT on my first attempt. The QLTS MCT…

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