SQE2 Preparation - Wills

SQE2 Wills Preparation (1)

SQE2 Preparation - Wills

Looking for concise, yet comprehensive materials to prepare for the SQE2 assessments in Wills and Intestacy, Probate Administration and Practice?

Then, you are in the

SQE2 Preparation - Wills


Byte sized videos explaining substantive law and procedures

Outlines covering the SRA FLK in Trusts & Wills and Intestacy, Probate Administration and Practice

1 mock exam per assessment type (5 mock exams in total) including suggested solutions

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Why SQE2 Preparation - Wills?

Efficient and focused revision

Created by someone who passed the SQE2 first time

Sit the exam with confidence

What do the SQE2 Preparation - Wills video lectures cover?

The videos contain byte-sized overviews of the functioning legal knowledge specified by the SRA in relation to

  • Wills and Intestacy,
  • Probate and Administration Practice,
  • Taxation – wills and the administration of estates.

Note that the videos do not cover the core principles of trust law.

What do the SQE2 Wills & Trusts outlines cover?

The outlines contain the entire functioning knowledge specified by the SRA in relation to Wills and Trusts for the SQE2:

Wills and Intestacy

Validity of wills and codicils:

  • testamentary capacity
  • duress and undue influence
  • formal requirements.

Personal Representatives:

  • the appointment of executors
  • renunciation and reservation of power.

Alterations and amendments to wills:

  • effect of alterations made to wills both before and after execution
  • use of codicils.

Revocation of wills:

  • methods of revocation
  • effect of marriage and divorce of a testator.

The interpretation of wills:

  • effect of different types of gift
  • failure of gifts.

The intestacy rules:

  • Section 46 of The Administration of Estates Act 1925
  • the statutory trusts.

Property passing outside the estate:

  • joint property
  • life policies
  • pension scheme benefits
  • trust property.

Probate and Administration Practice

Grants of representation:

  • need for grant
  • the relevant provisions of the Non-Contentious Probate Rules
  • application procedure
  • valuation of assets and liabilities
  • excepted estates
  • methods of funding the initial payment of Inheritance Tax
  • burden and incidence of Inheritance Tax.

Administration of estates:

  • duties of personal representatives
  • liabilities of personal representatives and their protection
  • the sale of assets to raise funds to pay funeral expenses, tax, debts and legacies
  • distribution of the estate.

Claims against estates under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975:

  • time limit
  • applicants
  • ground.

Taxation – wills and the administration of estates

Inheritance Tax:

  • lifetime transfers that are immediately chargeable and those that are potentially exempt
  • transfers on death
  • exemptions and reliefs
  • the scope of anti-avoidance provisions.

Income and Capital Gains Tax in respect of the period of the administration of an estate:

  • the personal representatives’ liability to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax
  • the beneficiaries’ liability to Capital Gains Tax on inherited assets.

Core principles of trust law

Creation and requirements of express trusts:

  • the three certainties of intention, subject matter and objects:
    • fixed interest trusts
    • discretionary trusts
  • formalities to create express inter vivos trusts
  • constitution of express inter vivos trusts and exceptions to the rule that equity will not assist a volunteer.

Beneficial entitlement:

  • fixed, discretionary, vested, contingent interests
  • the rule in Saunders v Vautier.

The distinction between charitable trusts and non-charitable purpose trusts

Resulting trusts:

  • how they arise and when they are (or are not) presumed.

Trusts of the family home:

  • establishment of a common intention constructive trust:
    • legal title in the name of both parties/sole party
    • express declaration or agreement as to equitable ownership
    • direct and indirect contributions
  • requirements to establish proprietary estoppel.

Liability of strangers to the trust:

  • establishing recipient liability
  • establishing accessory liability.

The fiduciary relationship and its obligations:

  • duty not to profit from fiduciary position
  • trustees not to purchase trust property
  • fiduciary not to put himself in a position where his interest and duty conflict.


  • who can be a trustee; appointment, removal and retirement of trustees
  • trustees’ duty of care
  • trustees’ duty to invest (and powers in relation to investment)
  • trustees’ statutory powers of maintenance and advancement.

Trustees’ liability:

  • breach of trust
  • measure of liability
  • protection of trustees
  • limitation period.

The nature of equitable remedies and the availability of tracing in equity.

What is included in the mock exams?

You will receive access to the following mock exams (including suggested solutions):

1x Wills - Case & Matter Analysis

1x Wills - Research Assessment

1x Wills - Writing Assessment

1x Wills - Drafting Assessment

1x Wills - Interview & Attendance Note

What is the SQE2?

The SQE2 exam is the second of two "super" exams required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in order to qualify as a solicitor of England and Wales.

The SQE2 exam contains the following assessments:

  • Written Part
    • Day 1 - Dispute Resolution and Criminal Procedure
    • Day 2 - Property and Wills
    • Day 3 - Business Law
  • Oral Part
    • Day 1 - Dispute Resolution and Property
    • Day 2 - Criminal Procedure and Wills

Each day of the written part includes:

  • Case & Matter Analysis (60min)
  • Legal Writing (30min)
  • Legal Research (60min)
  • Legal Drafting (45min)

Each day of the oral part includes:

  • Advocacy (45min prep and 15min presentation)
  • Client Interviewing (10min prep, 25min interviewing, and 25min writing an attendance note by hand)

Who will teach me?

madeleine weber

Hi there

My name is Madeleine Weber!

I have been working as a legal professional for half a decade, predominantly in the IT industry as an in-house counsel in the UK.

I qualified as a solicitor via the transitional arrangements by sitting the QLTS MCT and the SQE2.

I passed the first ever SQE2 exam on my first attempt in 2022.

Whilst preparing for the exam, I really wished I had concise and focused revision materials that contained everything I needed to know.

That is what inspired me to create easy to follow resources and notes based on the Functioning Legal Knowledge required by the SRA.




What else do I need to pass the SQE2?

This is a very subjective question and will depend on your background and education. 

I personally would recommend to purchase a SQE2 preparation course, as this will provide you with all the tools to have the best chance to pass on your first attempt. 

My SQE2 resources should be relied on as supplementary revision aides. 

How long will I have access to the material?

You will have access for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

What exactly is contained in this course?

Byte-sized videos (between 2-10min long each) explaining the substantive law and procedure. 

1x outline covering all the topics listed by the SRA in relation to wills, intestacy, probate and administration practice, and taxation - wills and the administration of estates. 

1x outline covering all the topics listed by the SRA in relation to the core principles of trust law. 

5x mock exams (1x/assessment type). 

Are the outlines and mock exams different to the those in the advantage package/single purchase option?

No, they are the same. If you have already purchased the outline/mock exam/advantage package(s) and wish to buy the videos, please contact me directly at madeleine@inhousew.com or via DM on Instagram to receive a coupon code to reflect the purchase you already made. 

Will I be able to access the material offline as well?

All materials are downloadable and usable offline.

The course is provided via Teachable. All materials will be available on all your devices either via a web browser or via the Teachable app. 

What is your refund policy?

If you are unhappy about any aspect of the course, do let me know and I will do my best to sort the issue out for you.

Otherwise, there is no refund policy for this product.